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Direct Mail Services

The saying "one-stop shop" describes us perfectly. Our expertise doesn't end at the printed piece. We will print your job, address it, insert it and deliver it to the post office. Whether your mailing is a magazine, catalog, self-mailer, a simple direct mail campaign, or a complex matched mailing we will handle every detail so you won't have to.

List processing - Wide selection of media types accepted.
Addressing - Laser personalization, inkjet, and label options.
Inserting - One to multiple piece inserting, standard #10 and large package sizes, onserts, and matched mailing options.
Labelaire - Standard labeling and piggy-back labeling application options.
Finishing - Envelope sealing, fold and tab seal, shrink wrapping, and poly bagging options.
Mailing - All classes of mail, live stamp, indicia, metering, and drop ship options.
Mail-on-demand - Need to mail the same piece or package several times throughout the year? Mail-on-demand is the cost-effective way to handle a multiple-mailing campaign. Let Premier handle the details of printing your direct mail campaign in one production run. We'll house the finished pieces and mail or drop ship them according to your campaign timeline.